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1. Using more than fifty interviews, award-winning writer Danny Danziger creates a fascinating mosaic of the people behind New York’s magnificent Metropolitan Museum of Art from the aristocratic, acerbic director of the museum, Philippe de Motebello, to the curators who have a deep knowledge and passionate appreciation of their collections from the security guards to the philanthropists who keep the museum’s financial lifeblood flowing.

2. The student’s reading in his own subject slows down, and his comprehension becomes less secure. He expresses himself slowly and often fails to convey his ideas exactly. He is disappointed to find that under pressure he makes a lot of unnecessary mistakes in areas where he knows the correct language forms. His social relations are difficult as he cannot find the right phrase quickly enough to keep a conversation going, so his language often betrays him into dullness, coldness, or worst of all, rudeness. Instead of the students being in control of the language, the language seems now to be in control of the students.

3. In the past, Naming English as a separate subject seemed relatively easy. The textbook selected and graded items of language which were put into content and then practiced intensively. New items were carefully controlled so that the student could cope quite easily. Now that English is used as a medium of instruction, however, all this has changed. Unknown items of grammar and vocabulary appear in texts which attempt to explain new and often difficult information. Difficulties with the language interact with difficulties as regards the subject matter.

1. 屡获殊荣的作家丹尼·丹齐格(Danny Danziger)使用了超过50次采访,从博物馆的贵族,尖刻的导演菲利普·德·莫特贝罗(Philippe de Motebello)到深刻的策展人,为纽约宏伟的大都会艺术博物馆背后的人们创作了一幅迷人的马赛克。从保安人员到保持博物馆财务命脉流动的慈善家的知识和热情赞赏。

2. 学生对自己学科的阅读速度减慢,他的理解变得不那么安全。他缓慢地表达自己,并且经常无法完全传达他的想法。他很失望地发现在压力下他在知道正确语言形式的领域犯了很多不必要的错误。他的社交关系很难,因为他无法快速找到正确的短语来保持谈话的进行,所以他的语言经常使他陷入沉闷,冷漠,或者最糟糕的是,粗鲁无礼。这种语言现在似乎控制着学生,而不是学生控制语言。

3. 在过去,将英语命名为单独的主题似乎相对容易。教科书选择和分级语言项目,这些项目被放入内容然后进行密集实践。新项目经过精心控制,以便学生能够轻松应对。然而,现在英语被用作教学媒介,所有这一切都发生了变化。未知的语法和词汇项目出现在试图解释新的和经常困难的信息的文本中。语言的困难与主题的困难相互作用。