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1. For any marketing course that requires the development of a marketing plan, such as Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy and Principles of Marketing, this is the only planning handbook that guides students through step-by-step creation of a customized marketing plan while offering commercial software to aid in the process.

2. This is a new, accessible and engaging textbook written by academics who also work as consultants with organizations undergoing change. It offers a unique combination of

rigorous theoretical exploration together with practical insights from working with those who are actually responsible for managing change.

3. Globalization refers to a set of changes rather than a single change. Many of these changes are social, cultural and political rather than purely economic, and one of the main drivers in addition to the global marketplace is the communications revolution.

4. The most obvious change is that 46% of the college’s undergraduates are now women. When I went there, it was only the third year that women had been admitted, and about 70% of students were male.

5. Every morning, no matter how late he had been up, my father rose at five thirty, went to his study, wrote for a couple hours, made us all breakfast, read the paper with my mother and then went back to work for the rest of the morning. Many years passed before I realized that he did this for a living.

6. A scientist's evidence is thought to be reliable because it will have been tested and verified at every stage. This is not, of course, infallible as scientists are subject to human error as much as the rest of us.